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Mosquito Treatment for Standing Water: Effective Strategies and Expert Solutions for Mosquito Control

Living in an environment plagued by mosquitoes can be frustrating and pose potential health risks. Mosquitonix, a leading expert in mosquito control, offers innovative solutions to help you reclaim your outdoor spaces and enjoy a life without mosquitoes. With their expertise and advanced Mosquito Misting Systems, Mosquitonix provides effective mosquito treatment for standing water. In this article, we will explore…

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Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Your Yard: Effective Strategies, Mosquito Misting Systems, and Best Repellent Options

Mosquitoes are a common nuisance in yards, turning outdoor activities into uncomfortable experiences filled with itchy bites. Beyond the annoyance, mosquitoes can also pose health risks as carriers of diseases such as dengue fever, Zika virus, and West Nile virus. To enjoy your yard without the constant buzzing and biting, it’s crucial to take effective measures to get rid of…

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Plants to Get Rid of Mosquitoes: Natural Solutions for Your Backyard

Mosquitoes can be a major nuisance during the warm summer months, and they can also transmit serious diseases such as West Nile virus and Zika virus. While there are many solutions for mosquito control, such as insect repellents and mosquito traps, some people prefer more natural methods for keeping mosquitoes away. One such method is using plants that repel mosquitoes.…

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Expert Tips on How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes Outdoors: The Ultimate Guide to Mosquito Control and Mosquito Misting Systems

Mosquitoes are a common nuisance when it comes to enjoying time outdoors. Not only are their bites irritating, but they can also transmit diseases such as Zika, West Nile virus, and malaria. Therefore, mosquito control is essential to protect both ourselves and our loved ones from these harmful pests. Mosquitonix, a leading provider of mosquito control solutions, has developed a…

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5 Pet-Friendly Pest Control Ideas To Get Bugs Far Away From You

Pets can improve your life in ways you would not have thought possible. However, they also require some additional labor, such as extreme caution while selecting some items for your home. Your dog will almost surely lick anything that can be licked, and cats and other animals can occasionally become ill just from being around chemicals. It can be difficult…

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How Fast Are Mosquitos? How Quickly Do Mosquitoes Reproduce?

Learning more about pests is one of the greatest methods to properly deal with them. In the case of mosquitoes, knowing a mosquito’s flight speed, its rate of reproduction, and the appearance of mosquito larva can help you devise strategies to successfully avoid these buzzing, blood-sucking parasites from disrupting your outdoor pleasure. How Fast Can a Mosquito Fly? Sometimes it…

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Myths and Facts about Mosquitoes

We are aware of the inconvenience that mosquitoes may cause, particularly while attempting to enjoy your garden with friends and family. Not only can these bugs spread illnesses, but their bites also inflict excruciating itchiness and discomfort. Since mosquitoes are such a pain, there are numerous theories to explain their behavior, as well as tips on how to avoid them…

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Natural Pest Control Methods You Can Easily Find at Home

These everyday products work wonders as pest repellents. Use these natural solutions to keep pesky pests at bay. COFFEE GROUNDS These coffee grounds can be used for purposes other than making coffee. If you believe that pests are entering your home through certain areas on the exterior, try using your leftover coffee grounds in those areas. Many animals will avoid…

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4 Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard

Your yard serves as a haven. It’s where you may unwind after a long day at work and spend quality time with your loved ones. Here are a few fast fixes for the majority of mosquito issues: Plants That Repel Mosquitos • Lavender • Scented Geraniums • Catnip • Marigolds • Lemon Balm • Mint Store-Bought Mosquito Repellents • Citronella…

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The Benefits of Professional Mosquito Control Services

Given how long the summer days are, you naturally want to spend them outside. You just want to relax and unwind, whether you’re playing catch with your dog or grilling dinner on your patio or relaxing by the fire. Nothing wrong about that. But the moment “they” arrive, the celebration is over. Your unwelcome visitors. the ones that prevent you…

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Tips for Winning the Mosquito War

Summer in San Antonio is a wonderful time. Up to the moment the mosquitoes start biting, when all bets are off. In addition to being an irritating itch, mosquitoes may seriously injure both people and animals by spreading infections and illnesses. The solution doesn’t merely include using pesticides. A comprehensive strategy is necessary to successfully keep these pests at bay.…

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Benefits of Professional Mosquito Control

Pests ranging from rats and mice to roaches and termites must be kept out of your house. Mosquitoes can harm your outdoor areas, health, and quality of life even if they are not known to infest the interior of your home. While reducing the moisture level in and around your house is useful, continual mosquito defense in San Antonio will…

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5 Myths About Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are a prime example of the idea that it’s the small things that really break us. With their stinging, itching bites, these pests can easily ruin social gatherings. They’re also a critical vector in transmitting mosquito-borne viruses, bacteria and protozoa that can make people, pets and other creatures sick. However, the more researchers learn about mosquitoes, the better able…

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Symptoms and Treatments of Mosquito Bites

What’s a Mosquito? Mosquitoes may be little and have limited lifespans, yet they can cause serious havoc on human lives. Mosquitoes are typically bothersome and often dangerous, from their itching bites to the diseases they carry and may transmit. Mosquitoes are members of the fly family. They’re big enough that most people can see them with their own eyes. What…

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How to Keep Bugs Away From Your Backyard BBQ Activity

There are several fantastic ways to keep bugs away from your BBQ activity aside from getting the best insect sprays. With the beautiful weather and abundant summer food, this may be the ideal time to fire up the grill and enjoy a backyard barbeque. Let’s all agree that nothing beats spending time with friends and family while enjoying a backyard…

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Pest Control for Your Outdoor Actvity

COMMON LAWN PESTS Before you begin lawn maintenance, it’s critical to understand what you’re up against. There are 6 common pests that might be causing havoc on your lawn, but there are three in particular that might take a toll on your outdoor activity. Nobody likes ants crawling on their feet during an outdoor activity. While taking care of your…

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Do-It-Yourself Mosquito Control vs Professional Mosquito Control

If you have a lovely garden but can’t spend your nights outdoors because of mosquitoes, you’re not alone. Mosquitoes are a major nuisance for homeowners and can easily interfere with the joy of having a nice outdoor living area. Also, mosquitoes are known to spread a variety of harmful diseases. Your family’s safety should always come first, which is why…

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Tips on How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Next Outdoor Event

Have you ever attended an outdoor summer event, like a wedding or a birthday celebration, and ended up covered in mosquito bites? Were you constantly shooing them away? We’re certain you have had this experience before. Doesn’t seem like a good time, does it? However, there is one positive side to this awful experience: you now understand how necessary it…

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Symptoms of An Infected Mosquito Bite

Mosquitoes can transmit diseases including Zika, Yellow Fever, Malaria, and the Chikungunya Virus, and we could become infected as a result. So, how can you tell if the mosquito that bit you was carrying one of these diseases and if you were infected as a result of its bite? Let’s find out! What Are The Symptoms Of An Infected Mosquito…

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Ticks: Tips to Keep You Safe Outdoors

It’s always important to be tick-aware and to take appropriate precautions when exploring outside. Traditionally, experts think of peak tick season starting in May, running through July, with a smaller peak in activity that can occur around October. Unfortunately, the truth is that you can get tick-borne illnesses at any point in the year, as technically, rick season never ends.…

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Couple at the beach relaxing looking at sunset

How to Avoid Mosquito Bites on Vacation

Avoiding Mosquitoes On Your Vacation Spring Break is right around the corner, then soon after that it’s Summer time. These are always great times for a get-a-way-, and some much-needed relaxation and nice weather! Unfortunately, there is one insect that is waiting to spoil your vacation, the mosquito. Thankfully, there are several things we have listed below that you can…

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Pile of Wood covered with snow in forest in winter

What Happens to Mosquitoes in Winter?

The summertime is full of sun and fun, when you can get outdoors and enjoy all that this season supplies the five senses; fragrant flowers, gorgeous blue skies, bird’s singing, fresh fruit, and – ouch! – pesky mosquitoes! But have you ever wondered what happens to mosquitoes when the colder months arrive? Do they just up and die? Not quite.…

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Mosquitonix remote

Why Should I Install a Misting System?

  MosquitoNix® in San Antonio, Texas MosquitoNix® misting solutions are designed for efficient pest control that will work all year long. We are careful when targeting areas around your home that could be nesting grounds for mosquitos. Misting services around the perimeter are known to be most effective. It is essential to know that this will only work if the…

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A little boy thinking with one finger on lips and looking upwards

Myths About Mosquitoes

Mythful Thinking Everybody knows that there is not much to like about mosquitoes. Sometimes we do not like them so much that we tend to make up things about them to make them seem worse. Well the truth is that mosquitos are already bad enough… therefore we do not need any rumors going around about any untruthful myths that may…

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Trimming hedges with garden scissors wearing gloves

Basic Steps to Keep Mosquitoes Away

  Basic Steps to Keep Mosquitoes Away Do you enjoy spending your summer evenings outdoors, just enjoying your backyard with family and friends? Do you love the sound of Summer time, like the crackle and bang on 4th of July and the sizzling sound of burgers on the grill?  Another summer sounds we are all too familiar with, is the…

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Marigold and Hyacinth flower

Plants That Help Deter Mosquitoes

  What plants can you plant in your yard to help deter mosquitoes? Did you know there are several types of outdoor plants you can plant around your yard that can help deter mosquitoes? Not only can they help deter pesky mosquitoes, but they can also enhance the beauty of your yard by adding bright colors and their natural fragrance…

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Red swollen Mosquito bites on a kid's legs and arms

What Bit Me? What You Need to Know

  What You Need to Know About Bug Bites Everyone has suffered from that incredibly itchy bite that keeps you awake at night, and no matter what type of bug bite you have, it is good to know what bit you. Learning to identify a bug bite by how it looks and feels will help you know whether to treat…

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Winter rodent under a wood

Winter Pests | How to Protect Your Family and Home

  Winter is Here It is that time of year again to start bundling up in the comfort of your own home! Now that colder weather has arrived in the Altana area there are many things that come with it… many unwanted winter pests. With Christmas around the corner and everything to wrap up before the new year, the last…

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Striped mosquito feeding on human skin

San Antonio Mosquitos, The Ones You Need to Know About!

Texas Mosquitos The state of Texas has very welcoming mosquito seasons with the warm climate and humidity. Mosquito season generally lasts from March to October. With over 3,500 species of mosquitos out there, it is good to know which species are invasive and harmful to your home state! There are three species of Texas Mosquitos that you must know about…

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Aloe Vera extract and leaves

Natural Remedies for Mosquito Bites

Why use Natural Remedies? The itch of mosquito bites can drive you nearly mad, especially if you have a bunch of these red, raised bumps. They can keep you awake at night and distracted during the day. Sitting through a business meeting without scratching is nearly impossible. Children have even less impulse control than you do, so they may scratch…

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Old container in outdoors stores stagnant water and breeding ground for mosquito

Common Mosquito Breeding Areas

  People often complain about mosquito infestations, but they don’t really think about where these insects are coming from. The common mosquito shows up beginning in the early spring because of San Antonio’s hot and humid weather. As summer sets in, mosquitos almost quadruple in number until they diminish in late fall. If you want to stop mosquitos before they…

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Facts versus Myths

Mosquito Mysteries

Has anyone ever told you that all mosquitos bite you? Well, you can tell them they are wrong because it’s not true! Guess what? Mosquitos don’t even “bite” either, they suck. There are many myths surrounding the infamous mosquito but it’s important to get your facts right. What You Probably Didn’t Know It is time to set the record straight…

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Close up sweating water drop

What Attracts Mosquitos?

  Why Mosquitos Bite You Have you ever wondered why you seem to get more mosquito bites than your friends? Mosquitos are already naturally attracted to the chemical compounds of human skin, what else are they attracted to?  Natural Causes Human skin has close to 400 chemical compounds that can be a contributing factor to mosquito attraction. The mix of…

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Striped mosquito eating blood on human skin

Type of Mosquitoes in San Antonio

It’s quite unfortunate that wherever you might go in the world, there is a pretty good chance you’ll run into mosquitoes. These pesky bloodsuckers are definitely one of the most annoying things about the warmer months, which is why so many homeowners opt for a mosquito treatment from a mosquito control company. Mosquito control in San Antonio is especially popular…

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West Nile virus transmitted by mosquitoes as seen under a microscope

West Nile is Back This Summer

  West Nile is Back This Summer, Here’s 3 Tips on Protecting Your Family Reports are coming in to let us know that West Nile is back this year, and with a vengeance. As the reported cases continue to come in, make sure that you are prepared to keep your family safe this summer! Use screens on all of your…

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Puddle of water with rocks in it

Mosquitos Live in Wet Habitats

  Where do mosquitos prefer to live? When asked where a mosquito prefers to live, you may just be inclined to say Georgia as the buggy summer months come around, but there are certain environments and habitats that mosquitos prefer in Georgia. In this case, knowledge is power so don’t forget to avoid these areas this summer or you may…

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MosquitoNix Misting System

What You Need to Have a Mosquito Free Yard

The American Mosquito Control Association reports that 176 species of mosquitoes call the United States home. The females need protein as part of their egg laying process, so they get it by drinking the blood of humans and animals. Your body reacts to this bite with histamines, which may cause itchiness. While antihistamines can help reduce that feeling, the best…

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Male Mosquito

10 Facts about mosquitoes

Every spring, Americans start complaining about mosquitoes invading their property. Yes, we know they bite, but how much else do you really know about this ubiquitous pest? There are approximately 3,500 species of mosquitoes, about 175 of which can be found in the United States. Only female mosquitoes bite. Mosquitoes feed on vegetable and fruit nectar, but the female needs…

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Chikungunya virus, transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes as seen under a microscope

3 Mosquito-Borne Diseases You Need to Know About

Mosquitoes are more than just a mere nuisance here in San Antonio. These pests carry dangerous diseases, which could have an effect on you and your family. Here are some of the most common mosquito-borne diseases — and how you can get rid of mosquitoes on your property. 1. Chikungunya Chikungunya is a viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes. This condition…

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Kids running together playing at the backyard

5 Ways to Control Mosquitoes in Your Yard

Nothing is worse than being a backyard full of mosquitoes. Since mosquitoes aren’t just pests, they are dangerous carrying many life-threatening diseases. To prevent your yard from being overrun with mosquitoes try these five tips. 1. Remove Standing Water Standing water is the ultimate breeding ground for mosquitoes. So, the single most important thing you can do to manage the…

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The larvae of mosquitoes that still live in the water

7 Facts About Mosquitoes

Check Out These Amazing Mosquito Facts Mosquitoes are certainly not the most endearing creatures. They can bite, carry disease, and their incessant buzzing is enough to annoy even the most patient of people. Despite their numerous shortcomings, mosquitoes are quite fascinating. The following are a few mosquito facts that we find particularly interesting. Fact #1 Mosquitoes are deadlier than sharks.…

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A plastic bowl with dirty water that is a possible mosquito breeding site

Tips For Keeping Mosquitoes Away All Summer Long

    It’s unfortunate that summer cookouts are synonymous with pesky mosquitoes. You should be able to spend quality time in your backyard without worrying about these insects biting you, and that’s why it’s important that you go on the offensive. The following control measures will stop mosquitoes from interrupting your summer cookouts. More importantly, they will help you to…

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Is Zika Still a Threat in the U.S.?

In 2017, the CDC’s national monitoring system reported 427 cases of symptomatic Zika virus within the United States: Exactly 416 cases were the result of travelers returning from a Zika-affected area. Four cases were attributable to local mosquito-borne transmissions in Florida. Seven cases were attributable to other sources like sexual contact. In the U.S. Territories—American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto…

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Common Mosquito Repellent Myths

While the CDC has been clear about what kinds of mosquito repellents work the best, myths about the product continue to circulate. According to the agency, chemical repellents that include DEET are the most effective way to repel the bugs. But, for a DEET repelling product to be effective, it must be used properly, and this means reapplying it regularly…

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Tips for Choosing the Right Mosquito Repellent for Your Family

When a single mosquito bite has the potential to expose your family to daunting diseases like Zika and West Nile, it’s time to get serious about protecting yourself and those you love from these buzzing, flying health hazards. How do you choose the right mosquito repellent for your family? Read the Ingredients The list of substances that people say keep…

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Where Do Mosquitoes Go in the Winter?

As far as pests are concerned, mosquitoes continually rank as one of the top offenders that people have to deal with. As the weather gets warmer, these tiny bloodsuckers begin to show up in and around homes across the country. However, their numbers begin to significantly decrease as the cooler weather of Fall approaches. Have you ever wondered where they…

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Happy Holidays from MosquitoNix

Mosquitoes are one of the most common pests that homeowners across American experience. Mosquitoes can disrupt your peace of mind and leave behind painful and itchy bites. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are also a potential health hazard for many people. It stands to reason that you’ll want to treat any mosquito infestations promptly. Below is some basic information about mosquitoes and the…

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The Deadliest Creature in the World

You might feel pretty sheltered from seriously threatening animals these days, but some parts of the world harbor some pretty dangerous creatures. In the waters off the coast of Australia, virtually invisible box jellyfish trail 15 stinging tentacles that are capable of stopping the heart in minutes. In eastern Africa, the black mamba, which reaches speeds of nearly 13 mph,…

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Tips for your labor day BBQs

If you are going to host a barbecue with your friends and family for Labor Day, you will want to take steps to provide the best possible experience. Preparing great food and planning fun games will get you started in the right direction, but you will also want to keep mosquitoes away from your yard during the event. Although people…

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Top Places Mosquitoes Breed

Homeowners in San Antonio often have the impression that mosquitoes are everywhere and that little can be done to reduce their population levels. The reality, however, is that mosquito problems can be stamped out if the breeding grounds that the mosquitoes use to reproduce are eliminated. The life expectancy of most mosquitoes is less than a month. Moreover, mosquitoes continue…

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Are mosquitoes attracted to particular blood types?

Why is it that some people attract mosquitoes more than others? There are numerous factors involved, ranging from our scent to the amount of heat we produce to the color of our clothing. Sometimes, though, we can be targeted more because of our blood type. Popular Blood Types Out of the four blood types (O, A, B, and AB), those…

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Zika Virus

Zika panic has swept the globe, and for good reason. Zika is a mosquito-borne virus that can cause birth defects in unborn babies – and it happens to be spreading like wildfire. The World Health Organization has declared Zika a public health emergency. Here are a few things you need to know in order to meet this epidemic head-on. A…

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Protect your Memorial Day BBQ with QuickNix Treatments

Like many San Antonio homeowners, you are probably already laying the groundwork for upcoming Memorial Day festivities. Chances are that you’re also already dreading the influx of mosquitoes that tend to ruin barbecues and other outdoor gatherings. Rather than spend your time spraying repellent and slapping away biting mosquitoes, make short work of the problem with QuickNix mosquito control treatments…

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When’s the Best Time of Year to Install a Misting System?

San Antonio is a beautiful area for living, working and enjoying leisure time. However, the warmth and humidity in this area can invite mosquitoes into your backyard as well. This can disrupt enjoyable activities, and infestations often leave people scrambling for effective solutions. Our misting systems are designed to prevent mosquito infestations from getting out of control. We offer a…

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Where do Mosquitoes go when it’s cold out

Although mosquitoes seem to disappear when it is cold and return with a vengeance as soon as the weather gets warmer, these noxious insects are actually present year-round. The cold-blooded pests are inactive during the winter months because they prefer temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. When the thermometer drops below 50 degrees, they find a sheltered place to hibernate where…

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Zika in 2017

At the recent Olympic Games in Brazil, the Zika virus caused many athletes to fear attending the world-renowned event. However, Zika is no longer just a foreign problem. It has recently made its way to the United States. Here are some key facts to know about this alarming virus. Ways to Contact the Zika Virus Although the Zika virus can…

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Give the gift of a Mosquito Free Backyard

Whether you are firing up the grille or lounging around on the deck, your backyard has the potential to be a great relaxation area. However, the presence of mosquitoes can definitely ruin the experience of being outdoors. Don’t allow these known disease carriers to put a damper on your fun. Here are some tips to keep mosquitoes from invading your…

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Common Breeding Habits of Mosquitoes

Whether you want to go on a walk, host a barbecue or take a boat out on the water, you probably have to contend with mosquitoes buzzing in your ear. There are ways to minimise your exposure with smart choices and sound information about the habits of these pesky insects. Most people know that mosquitoes tend to congregate near water.…

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The Genetic Mysteries of the Zika Virus

The Zika virus is being hunted – by scientists seeking to crack its genetic code. Why is understanding Zika’s genetics so important? Well, considering scientists presently know so little about how the virus evolves, it can only help researchers to understand it better and maybe even be able to predict if can evolve to an even more dangerous infection. Virus…

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How Mosquito Control Affects Pollinators

Nature’s pollinators range from beetles to small birds. Three-quarters of agricultural crops at least partially rely on their work. These creatures also ensure the survival of many trees and flowers that help make Texas a beautiful place. While almost everyone wants to eliminate flying pests, some people wonder if mosquito control could harm vital pollinators. Fortunately, a recent Louisiana State…

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The Deadliest Mosquito Viruses

Mosquitoes are some of the most dangerous creatures on earth. All over the world, they transmit serious diseases like those described below. Malaria According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 212 million cases of malaria worldwide in 2015. Close to 430,000 people, most of them children in Asia and Africa, died from the illness. Malaria is…

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Top symptoms to look out for after being bitten by a mosquito

Mosquitoes make their annual appearance when the weather turns warm. You can protect your health by knowing the top warning symptoms to look for if you are bitten by a mosquito this summer. Large Areas of Redness and Swelling Mosquito bites typically manifest as small, itchy welts that disappear after a few days. However, if you develop large bites that…

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Types of Mosquitoes in the San Antonio Area

Protect yourself from mosquitoes in the Greater San Antonio area. Due to a warm climate and wet summers, the San Antonio area has a terrible problem with mosquito infestations.  Along with making being outside a bothersome chore, mosquito infestations can be major health concerns. Some species of mosquitoes in North America are known to be carriers of deadly diseases like…

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Enjoy a Mosquito-Free Barbecue This Summer

The summer season is upon us, and that means it’s time to fire up the barbecue for some family fun right in your own backyard. Health-conscious individuals may want to make their barbecue free of sugar, gluten and alcohol, but the healthiest barbecue event that you can offer will include one that is free of mosquitoes. Unfortunately, that can seem…

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Top 5 ways to avoid the Zika Virus

Reports of Zika virus can be alarming, especially as the weather warms. As a homeowner, there are a few simple steps you can take to help keep your home and family safe from the mosquitoes carrying this virus. 1. Remove Standing Water This is the biggest preventative step that homeowners can take. Mosquitoes can breed in even the smallest amount…

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Areas Prone to Mosquito Infestation | MosquitoNix

What Areas are more Prone to Mosquito Infestation?  Ever wonder why the mosquitoes are worse out by the lake or the pool? Female mosquitoes begin the process of complete metamorphosis by laying eggs in stagnant water as little as one quarter of an inch deep.  You typically see mosquitoes flying around grass and shrubbery as the adult mosquitoes thrive in…

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