Although mosquitoes seem to disappear when it is cold and return with a vengeance as soon as the weather gets warmer, these noxious insects are actually present year-round. The cold-blooded pests are inactive during the winter months because they prefer temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. When the thermometer drops below 50 degrees, they find a sheltered place to hibernate where the temperature stays warmer than the surrounding environment. Since they do not eat during the winter, mosquitoes switch from blood to sugary foods as cold weather approaches to increase their body weight.

When Mosquitoes Will Be Absent

Some species of mosquito lay eggs during the late summer or fall in areas where the ground is moist. These hardy insects remain dormant in the soil until spring. Other mosquito species survive the winter in the larval stage. The colder temperatures suspend development by inducing a state of diapauses, which slows the insect’s metabolism. In some cases, mosquitoes survive the winter as adults. After they mate in the fall, the male dies. The female survives by overwintering in a protected area like a hollowed-out log. Mosquitoes will generally be absent from the time that temperatures drop below 50 degrees until it rises above 80 degrees.

When Mosquitoes Return

When the warm weather returns, females must leave their hiding place in search of a blood meal to develop their eggs. As you head outside to enjoy the warmer weather, the newly awakened mosquitoes will be out in force. Once they have fed, female mosquitoes will lay their eggs in standing water. Eggs and larvae that have survived the winter will now hatch and develop into adults during the favorable spring and summer weather conditions, which increase the number of mosquitoes.

Be Prepared for Their Return

To protect yourself and your family from mosquitoes and the diseases that they transmit, remove all standing sources of water even during the colder months. You should also schedule a home inspection by MosquitoNix Atlanta. Our team can survey your property and recommend ways to eliminate the items that attract mosquitoes. You can also sign up for a pest control service that will reduce the mosquito population by more than 95 percent so that you can enjoy your backyard and other outdoor spaces when the warmer weather returns. We can also handle all your other pest control needs if other uninvited guests try to infest your home this winter.