Why Mosquitos Bite You

Have you ever wondered why you seem to get more mosquito bites than your friends? Mosquitos are already naturally attracted to the chemical compounds of human skin, what else are they attracted to? 

Natural Causes

Human skin has close to 400 chemical compounds that can be a contributing factor to mosquito attraction. The mix of bacteria and chemicals our skin put off varies from person to person, which could explain why mosquitos are more attracted to some people than others. Therefore genetically some people are more likely to get bitten than others, so don’t worry, it is not your fault! A common human attractant is lactic acid that is emitted in human sweat. Lactic acid build-up varies from person to person, which can also lead to you getting bit more than others. If you need to get your summer workouts in, you may want to look at indoor options rather than outdoor. Don’t sweat it! 

The heat the human body puts off is also an attractant for mosquitoes. The hotter you are the more likely you are to attract mosquitoes. In summer months particularly, you want to avoid wearing darker clothing that attracts heat. Therefore you may want to bring out your lighter-colored clothing that repels heat during the summertime. It’s that simple! Your natural body odor is also a source of attraction for mosquitos. The combination of bacteria and sweat generate the perfect mix to invite mosquitos in for a meal. You want to make sure you are always staying clean and fresh not only to prevent mosquitoes but also for your own well-being! 

The Truth

In most cases, everyone is bitten equally; it is more about people’s reaction to mosquito bites than the actual attraction. Some people will tell you that they have never been bitten by a mosquito, in most cases, this is not necessarily true. People’s reactions to mosquito bites vary quite dramatically. In simple terms, some people just do not have the same reaction to mosquito bites as others. While one friend may be scratching themselves head to toe, another may not feel the need to scratch because they did not have a reaction to being bitten. So while you think it is not fair that mosquitos might be more attracted to you than others, it is highly unlikely to be a person who has never been bitten by mosquitos before. Just because you do not have reactions to these bites you still want to stay on the prevention side of mosquitos for they can carry deadly diseases. It only takes one bite!