Common Mosquito People often complain about mosquito infestations, but they don’t really think about where these insects are coming from. The common mosquito shows up beginning in the early spring because of Atlanta’s hot and humid weather. As summer sets in, mosquitos almost quadruple in number until they diminish in late fall. If you want to stop mosquitos before they invade your yard, start looking in a few inconspicuous places.

3 Common Mosquito Breeding Areas

Pet Bowls

Pet bowls make great breeding spots for mosquitos. The females lay their eggs in outdoor pet bowls and fly away to continue their lifecycle. Meanwhile, the eggs hatch and turn into larvae, which then take only days to reach adulthood and to leave the water. Adding fresh water to the bowl daily or bringing it inside are ways to prevent an infestation.

Flower Pots

Outdoor flower pots, especially empty ones, collect rainwater over time. This water turns stagnant after a while, creating the right conditions for mosquitos. You can avoid an infestation by adding the appropriate amount of water to potted flowers. If the pots are empty, bring them inside, or empty them immediately after it rains.

Clogged Gutters

Nothing attracts pest insects quite like clogged gutters do. When a gutter functions properly, it gives rainwater an easy passage from the roof to the ground. When it’s clogged, it traps the water along the channel. Given time, weeds will start to grow in the gutter and lure pest insects. Mosquitos treat clogged gutters as breeding hot spots, laying their eggs in the shallow water and increasing their numbers. Performing regular gutter maintenance will prevent unnecessary clogs and keep mosquitoes from infesting your property during the spring and summer months.

Mosquitos Require Professional Elimination

It’s better to prevent mosquitos than to fight them when they have you outnumbered. MosquitoNix misting systems work to kill and to prevent infestations in yards across Atlanta. They’re installed in the most common mosquito areas, keeping the pests off shrubs and away from water sources. A misting system is a 24-hour preventative solution to reduce mosquito populations and to safeguard your family and pets.