Homeowners in Atlanta often have the impression that mosquitoes are everywhere and that little can be done to reduce their population levels. The reality, however, is that mosquito problems can be stamped out if the breeding grounds that the mosquitoes use to reproduce are eliminated. The life expectancy of most mosquitoes is less than a month. Moreover, mosquitoes continue to prefer staying near wet environments once they reach adulthood. It is rare to find mosquitoes venturing far from their initial breeding grounds, so homeowners can keep most mosquitoes away by improving drainage and installing deterrents.

Top Breeding Grounds

The most common areas that mosquitoes target as breeding grounds are locations that have a significant volume of stagnant water. Mosquitoes know to keep away from water sources that could potentially evaporate before their eggs hatch after a few days. Most mosquitoes will also stay away from bodies of water that could potentially contain predators that could eat their eggs. In particular, ponds that contain fish and frogs are often avoided by mosquitoes that fear their eggs being consumed by a predator. However, mosquitoes often get desperate to identify a location to place their eggs, so ponds can still function as breeding grounds if there are no fish or other predators.

Locations That Attract Mosquitoes

The vast majority of mosquitoes originate from natural environments where stagnant water is most likely to be found. Low areas to which water drains after storms are usually the locations most targeted by mosquitoes. Unfortunately, many homeowners live in areas that are situated at a relatively low elevation, and this can lead to high mosquito populations in these places if preventative measures are not taken. Swamps are a mosquito’s favorite habitat because these areas contain plenty of other plants and animals for predators to target instead of mosquito eggs. Mosquitoes that breed in natural habitats can eventually migrate to nearby areas, including to the properties of homeowners.

Property Areas Prone to Mosquito Problems

Although most mosquitoes originate in natural habitats, it is not uncommon for homeowners to find these pests breeding on their land. Mosquito problems can be particularly severe when a property has poor drainage that makes it easy for water to stagnate after rain storms. Poor drainage can lead to deep puddles forming after a significant amount of rainfall. In extreme cases, poor drainage can create conditions similar to that of a swamp, and this can result in severe mosquito problems. Mosquitoes can also lay their eggs in man-made objects, such as barrels, buckets, and pots.

MosquitoNix of Atlanta

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