Check Out These Amazing Mosquito Facts

Mosquitoes are certainly not the most endearing creatures. They can bite, carry disease, and their incessant buzzing is enough to annoy even the most patient of people. Despite their numerous shortcomings, mosquitoes are quite fascinating. The following are a few mosquito facts that we find particularly interesting.

Fact #1

Mosquitoes are deadlier than sharks. Various species of mosquitoes carry diseases, such as malaria, encephalitis, and dengue fever, which claim more lives than attacks by any other type of insect or animal.

Fact #2

All mosquito bites are caused by reproducing females. This is because the female requires the protein found in blood to reproduce. Males and non-reproducing females prefer flower nectar to human blood.

Fact #3

Although mosquitoes seem fast when you are trying to swat them, they are actually slow flyers. The average flight speed of a mosquito is 1 to 1.5 miles per hour, which is slower than butterflies, bees, and virtually every other flying insect.

Fact #4

The buzzing sound that you hear just before a mosquito bites you is the sound of its wings flapping. Even though the mosquito has a relatively slow flight speed, it beats its wings an average of 300 to 600 times per second. To put this into perspective, a hummingbird only beats its wings around 80 times per second.

Fact #5

While mosquitoes require water to breed, it only takes a little. The female can deposit her eggs in puddles, gutters, or even water bowls left out for pets. That is why even areas that have not received significant rainfall can still have sizeable mosquito populations. To keep mosquitoes under control, you should eliminate all standing water around your home every couple of days.

Fact #6

Most mosquitoes remain relatively close to their breeding ground; however, certain species of mosquitoes, such as the salt marsh mosquito, may roam as far as 100 miles from home in search of food and a place to live.

Fact #7

Your breath actually helps mosquitoes locate you. The female mosquito can detect the carbon dioxide that you exhale from as far away as 75 feet. She will fly back and forth through this trail of CO2 until she locates you and can zoom in for a feast.

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