Zika in San Antonio Facts & Prevention

The Zika virus is raising concern due to its potential to cause life-threatening complications among individuals who contract it. Due to the fact that the Zika virus emerged as a known global epidemic as recently as the end of 2015, health authorities are alarmed by the uncertainty associated with this rapidly emerging infection. Although key facts remain unknown, epidemiologists have published observations noting the immediately apparent symptoms of the Zika virus as being relatively minor. Authoritative research has proven, however, that the Zika virus can at least cause birth defects when a mother contracts it while bearing a child. Since common mosquitoes are this virus' primary agent of transmission, individuals need to understand both the proven and potential implications of the Zika virus to protect themselves and their families.

The Zika virus is an infection transmitted by mosquitoes. Transmission occurs when mosquitoes take blood from an infected host, then later inject these infected fluids into the bloodstream of another host upon feeding again. It is also possible for transmission to occur between people through direct contact with bodily fluids. However, Zika virus transmission between people requires direct contact with bodily fluids through intercourse or needles. Since person-to-person transmission is, therefore, easily avoidable, the only substantial concern is transmission via mosquitoes. While the CDC has publicly confirmed at least 358 cases in the continental U.S., all of these cases have, so far, been known to have been associated with mosquito populations that travelers were exposed to while spending time abroad.

The general symptoms of the Zika virus are similar to other mosquito-borne infections, such as dengue, West Nile, and yellow fever. Most people who contract the Zika virus experience mild symptoms that are similar to the common cold. However, severe complications, including Guillain-Barré syndrome and microcephaly, are known to be associated with the contraction of the Zika virus. The prevalence of microcephaly, which has been confirmed by the CDC, is particularly worrisome because this condition can cause abnormal brain growth and, therefore, lead to a spectrum of learning disorders. As with all new conditions, the full implications of the Zika virus cannot be comprehensively explained because inadequate time has passed for researchers to test and prove their initial observations. Precaution, therefore, is the most important measure of protection for individuals near Atlanta who are at high risk of coming into direct contact with mosquito populations.

Taking control of mosquito populations is an essential first step for avoiding the Zika virus. While no humans have yet been known to have contracted the Zika virus in the U.S. from domestic mosquito populations, it is only a matter of time before this happens. In Brazil, for example, the Zika virus went from being completely unknown to having infected the majority of the human population within less than a year after mosquitoes there began to spread it. As Georgia’s mosquito population reaches ordinary peak levels in the summer of 2016, mosquito-borne transmission will be likely yet hard to control. Homeowners and businesses in the Atlanta area, therefore, must protect themselves through a proactive approach to eliminating mosquito populations now while precautionary measures remain feasible.

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