Winter is Herewinter home

It is that time of year again to start bundling up in the comfort of your own home! Now that colder weather has arrived in the Altana area there are many things that come with it… many unwanted winter pests.

With Christmas around the corner and everything to wrap up before the new year, the last thing you need to be worrying about is pests invading your home.

Our experts have come up with a list of tips and advice for you and your family to prevent winter pests.

Winter Pests

First off, it is important to identify what we are dealing with. Keep in mind that winter pests sometimes are just looking for warmth and comfort during colder weather just like us! That being said, do not feel sorry for them! We are going to cover 4 of the most common pests you might have to deal with during the winter months.

winter rodentRodents

This seems like a no brainer, but we still got to let the people know. Big or small, rodent infestation will substantially increase during colder months. Whether it be rats, mice, racoons, or other furry critters; you do not want to be the host for a rodent sleepover! If they find your home as a suitable spot, they will tell their friends to join.

Rodents are generally searching for three things when trying to infest your home…  FOOD, WATER and WARMTH. Sounds pretty familiar, huh?

Kudzu and Stink Bugs 

Kudzu bugs also commonly known as stink bugs, can become a real problem for any Georgia homeowner during winter months. When these pests decide to become a nuisance, they tend to do so in large numbers. These pests release foul odors and can be a huge eyesore.  Not to mention the fact that nobody wants a bunch of bugs in or around their homes. The Kudzu bug typically looks for warmth and a source of food in your home. They are not very big and will try to get themselves in any crack or small space in your home that they can.


Ants can be an issue for many all year round. With cooler weather ants of all species and sizes will attempt to colonize in your home where they can find comfort. Most commonly you will find sugar ants looking for food and scraps to feed on.


Then we have the infamous cockroach that seems to persist and make any homeowner squirm year-round. It is important to know that during winter, cockroaches can be more persistent as they are trying to find warmth. If you see one in your home, trust us when we say, there are definitely more hiding somewhere.


First of all, you want to prevent winter pests from getting inside your home. Besides the obvious things like keeping doors and windows closed, there is much more you can do. It is always good to do a home inspection for any cracks or entry points where pests may be coming in through. You will want to seal these cracks to the point that nothing can get through.sealed crack

Food generally seems to be the biggest issue with pest control. This is why storage is everything. Keep food in hard plastic containers that are sealed at all times. Not properly storing food or leaving food out is asking for a pest party. Apply this same methodology to any trash bins you have around your home. Keep them covered at all times, preferably so that nothing can crawl in or out.

After you make sure you are storing and properly maintaining your garbage, keep it CLEAN! Regular cleaning will go a long way in pest prevention. Keeping all surfaces disinfected and garage areas tidy makes managing any pest problems much easier.

Lastly, keep the exterior of your home cleaned up. A dirty outside can make for a pest problem inside. The goal is to not give any pests ideal places to live near your home. These are things like wood piles, containers, trash bins or other suitable items for living space. Regular maintenance of your home’s surroundings is essential to keeping the pests at bay.

If winter pests seem to be getting the best of you, you can always turn to the professionals to handle the problem for you!