Like many Atlanta homeowners, you are probably already laying the groundwork for upcoming Memorial Day festivities. Chances are that you’re also already dreading the influx of mosquitoes that tend to ruin barbecues and other outdoor gatherings. Rather than spend your time spraying repellent and slapping away biting mosquitoes, make short work of the problem with QuickNix mosquito control treatments by MosquitoNix. Unlike other mosquito control solutions, QuickNix reduces mosquito populations by more than 90 percent, and they take on mosquito breeding sites too. Learn more about QuickNix by reading on below.

Atlanta Summers Bring Mosquitoes to the Yard

All around Atlanta every summer, locals take to their backyards to make the most of the hot, sunny weather. Unfortunately, summertime in Atlanta also means high humidity and decent amounts of rain, which collects to form pools of standing water where mosquitoes love to breed. The area’s moist, warm conditions are a paradise for mosquitoes, so it’s no wonder that barbecues and other outdoor get-togethers can be so unpleasant. With QuickNix treatments by MosquitoNix, you can say goodbye to this problem once and for all.

QuickNix: Your Atlanta Mosquito Control Solution

Unlike fogging the yard or using citronella candles, QuickNix treatments don’t just temporarily keep mosquitoes at bay. They actually address the root of the problem by destroying mosquito larvae and mosquito breeding grounds. Like clockwork, MosquitoNix comes out every 21 days to apply treatments, which are carried out in three steps. Within the first week, mosquito populations are reduced by more than 90 percent. This gradually drops off over the next few weeks, and treatment is applied again.

How it Works

Our QuickNix mosquito treatment program is the absolute best way to eliminate mosquitoes from your Atlanta yard. The first step is applying a wet repellent to areas where mosquitoes live and breed around the yard. Our backpack sprayers apply the repellent at a high pressure, ensuring that they penetrate even very dense brush. The next step is the application of all-natural dry repellent granules, which feature our proprietary formula, around the perimeter of the yard. The last step is applying a larvacide to areas of standing water, which destroys mosquito eggs and reduces the risk of additional larvae being laid.

Schedule QuickNix Service Today

Don’t spend your summertime outdoor get-togethers slapping away mosquitoes and scratching bites. Imagine how nice it will be to step outside knowing that you won’t be eaten alive. QuickNix treatments by MosquitoNix are the best way to enjoy summertime in Atlanta. We’re ready to help, so call today to schedule service.