Georgia Mosquitos georgia mosquito prevention

The state of Georgia has very welcoming mosquito seasons with the warm climate and humidity. Mosquito season generally lasts from March to October. With over 3,500 species of mosquitos out there, it is good to know which species are invasive and harmful to your home state! There are three species of Georgia Mosquitos that you must know about as a resident of Georgia.

The Aedes Species

The Aedes species is one of the most prevalent Georgia mosquitos in the state! The Aedes mosquito is a very active mosquito throughout most of the day. The most common mosquito that falls under this specie is the Asian Tiger Mosquito. This mosquito is one you need to know about, for they are very attracted to humans and other mammals. Not only that, but they are also known to be carriers of most deadly diseases. The common diseases this species carries are the dengue fever, chikungunya fever, yellow fever virus and the zika virus! The Aedes Mosquito prefer areas with heavy brush and forest. This invasive mosquito can be found all around the world and breed very rapidly.

Anopheles Species

The Anopheles species of mosquito can be a quite nasty one that is known for carrying malaria. While malaria is not much cause for concern in today’s modern world, it is still something you should be aware of. The Anopheles species will take any blood meal it can get, human or animal. These Georgia mosquitos stay active during dusk and dawn. These mosquitos need areas of moisture in order to effectively breed and live. Any areas of water collection need to be regularly removed and maintained in order to really eradicate these mosquitos.

The Culex Species

The Culex species of mosquito is often referred to as the common house mosquito. This species of Georgia mosquitos is one you need to worry less about. The Culex species prefers other mammals such as birds rather than humans. But do not be misinformed… they sill still bit you too. This Georgia mosquito is most active during the evening hours. The Culex species is known to carry the West Nile virus, which they tend to pick up from the birds they feed off of. Blood meals are essential for the survival of this mosquito to feed their larvae to transition into the adult phase. It is key to cut these pests off at the source. As for all mosquitos, try and eliminate as many possible breeding grounds near your home.

Preventionmosquito breeding ground

It is essential to know that most of these mosquitos do not travel far from their breeding grounds. If you are having mosquito problems near your home, it is most likely that there is a whole bunch of them breeding near your home.

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