The summer season is upon us, and that means it’s time to fire up the barbecue for some family fun right in your own backyard. Health-conscious individuals may want to make their barbecue free of sugar, gluten and alcohol, but the healthiest barbecue event that you can offer will include one that is free of mosquitoes. Unfortunately, that can seem like a tall order for those who reside in Atlanta, Georgia, and the surrounding areas because some 63 species of mosquitoes call Georgia home sweet home.

Georgia Mosquitoes Spread Disease

The Asian tiger mosquito is a common breed in the area, and this is the one that is notorious for attacking the lower legs of anyone who dares walk around in the yard even in the daytime. That particular mosquito will have you scratching your legs raw, but it’s the Southern house mosquito that primarily transmits West Nile virus throughout the state.

As more cases of Zika virus are now being reported across America, it’s believed that mosquitoes carrying this virus are now a threat in Georgia and throughout the country. Primarily a serious risk to unborn children, pregnant women are strongly advised to take steps to protect themselves from all mosquito bites.

Protection From Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes will come to your yard in droves if there is any standing water available to them or if there are any warm bodies available to feed on. You can do your best to reduce any standing water, but you, your children and your pets are still likely to suffer from mosquito bites. The good news is that we have professional treatments available here at MosquitoNix Atlanta that will protect your family and help you take your yard back for the summer.

  • Misting System: Safe for people and pets but deadly to mosquitoes, we utilize low-profile nozzles around the entire perimeter of your property to comprehensively release the mist. Guaranteed to reduce the presence of mosquitoes in your yard by as much as 99 percent, this system also offers the added bonus of freeing your yard of fleas and ticks all year long.
  • QuickNix Treatment: This effective three-step system begins with our technicians utilizing a backpack sprayer to target all adult mosquitoes in the area. We then spread an all-natural, mosquito-killing granule throughout your yard, and the last step is to place a larvacide in any standing water to destroy mosquito eggs. You can expect a reduction of mosquitoes at over 90 percent with this treatment.

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