It’s storm season here in Atlanta and that can mean several things. One, our grass is going to look glorious, darling! Two, no more corner store chats about the drought nor the potential of the dreaded water tax. And three, we’ve got water, folks! Lots and lots and lots of water.

Now, for many of our lakes and ponds this can be a good thing. The Chattahoochee never looked healthier, walks through the Atlanta Botanicals prove to be enchanted, and letting the kids break up the humidity at Piedmont Park by running through Legacy Fountain makes this season not so shabby.

But with the good there must come the bad and instead of dismissing it for what it is, we recommend taking this season on and with effectiveness. Lots of storms mean days, weeks, months worth of standing, stagnant water, which are natural havens for mosquitos to thrive in. If you’ve kept up with our social media, and we recommend that you do (If you like awesome posts about yummy recipes, gardening tips, and lots of other fun stuff, and who doesn’t, check us out on Facebook! ), you may have noticed a recent post on the top cities for mosquitos and guess whose city topped the list? That’s right! Hotlanta! Miss Atlanta, Georgia is the number one spot in the country for the pesky pest that is the mosquito and we’re approaching their most active season.

“The prime months for mosquitoes are June, July and August though mosquito season can extend into October in the Southern part of the U.S… According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, no one is safe from mosquito-borne illnesses like West Nile Virus.” – USA Today

So we can all agree that disease is not cool, man, but we can also agree that we can do something about it to prevent our families and pets from infections. Applying repellant containing DEET is recommended by the CDC but let’s be honest, applying a chemical daily to our children’s skin is not exactly ideal. Of course, we apply when necessary, but how can we minimize those applications yet continue to protect our loved ones from disease?

The answer is simple. MosquitoNix Mosquito Control Misting Systems. Our Misting Systems let out a controlled mist that is safe for families and pets but deadly to mosquitos at their most active times of the day of dawn and dusk, and an added bonus is that our systems actually protect active, healthy insects at their busiest times, keeping bees and dragonflies alive and disease-ridden mosquitos at bay.

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