What Areas are more Prone to Mosquito Infestation?

Mosquito Infestation Ever wonder why the mosquitoes are worse out by the lake or the pool? Female mosquitoes begin the process of complete metamorphosis by laying eggs in stagnant water as little as one quarter of an inch deep.  You typically see mosquitoes flying around grass and shrubbery as the adult mosquitoes thrive in slightly moist areas with plenty of blood meals nearby.  Mosquito eggs, however, cannot develop in grass or shrubbery.

Different mosquito species prefer different types of water such as salt or rain water.  Each female mosquito is capable of producing between one hundred to two hundred eggs in one brood.  Typically, the eggs hatch together within five to seven days.  A female typically produces only one brood, but can sometimes produce two to three broods.  Thus, mosquitoes thrive in areas of high moisture as it is necessary to complete their life cycle.

Backyards are full of mosquito-ridden areas with crevices hidden under any container.  Tips to avoid mosquitoes around the house include disposing of old tires in and around your property, emptying any containers that could store rainwater-store them upside down if possible, unclog gutters, and regularly change the water in any animal water containers.  If and when you take family vacations to the beach or lake, be careful to protect yourself.  Avoid being outdoors around dawn or dusk as mosquitoes thrive during this time of day.  Also, wear long sleeves, long pants, tall socks, and a hat or other protective clothing available at your local sporting goods store.

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